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Innovative tools
to access materials.

Matabase reveals the diversity of materials
who shape tomorrow's world

Share the sensory experience
and connect to this wide field
through our two complementary tools

1 – Portable material banks

2 – Web open platform

The portable material banks are themed boxes
containing samples of innovative materials
and their specifications

Thanks to this new ergonomy,
build your own portable material bank
and stay ahead of innovative materials

Convenient and portable banks,
giving direct access to materials
in your workplace or school

Be inspired, feel, experiment,
share with your clients and collaborators

The free access web platform gathers organized,
ergonomic and evolutive data about the innovative materials
from Europe contained in the portable banks.

The platform guides professional designers and students
in finding information by displaying, for each material :

The open platform is evolutive and offers services that will
allow designers to showcase their work, publish reviews and give
advice on materials. Manufacturers will be able to
update their latest creations and innovations.

The Matabase platform aims to connect the professionals
of the industry and boost innovation and
collaboration throughout European projects.


Technical and sensorial data

Environmental specs

Examples of works
presented by their creator

Manufacturers and distributors

Matabase allows designers to integrate the choice of materials
at the very heart of the design process in order to improve
the efficiency, visibility and environmental footprint
of their creations.

Matabase has identified three sectors where
various materials are used.
The selection is then mostly made
regarding environmental criteria :


Renewable and organic materials
for the building industry and interior design


Innovative materials for industry
and design (products, furniture, packaging...)


Innovative fabrics for fashion and
clothing industries

There are many applications, ranging from weatherboarding
to wall panels. For indoor and outdoor use.

Matabase offers a wide array of eco friendly (renewable resources),
health and safety compliant (no volatile compounds) and durable products.

Many materials that make it possible to build responsibly
are constantly being developed in Europe.

Matabase promotes eco manufacturing but offers more
than eco friendly materials. Indeed, eco design means
taking into consideration the whole life cycle of a product.

The fashion industry must constantly improve in terms of function,
manufacturing processes and materials in order to tackle the over consumption
and product obsolescence issues it has to face.

Matabase will therefore offer a selection of innovative fabrics
and natural materials in tune with the industry's requirements
and capable of improving its ecologic performance.

Innovative tools
to access materials

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